You can tap an agent's expertise as often and as much (or little) as you like without losing control of your deal (and for a very affordable fee).

We help you create, sustain and even repair a dynamic partnership with your publisher or digital content provider.

We guide you to minimize obstacles and to maximize opportunities in a fabulous publishing adventure with long-term upside for you professionally. 

For experts and scholars we are an established publishing agency poised to foster your creative autonomy.

Avoid the arduous process of finding a literary agent when publishers seeking experts like you don't require one. 

We are a one-stop resource for best practices, smart tools, trade tips and checklists to promote excellent publishing outcomes.    

Our experience is extensive, expertise comprehensive, commitment unwavering.


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30 years book publishing

25 years integrating words across media

18 years literary agent

Founder of two virtual businesses

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All markets - academic, scholarly, educational, trade and technical

All facets - editorial, marketing, publicity, sales, rights and licensing

All products - books, audio, video, subscription, class, static online. and interactive 

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